At first, there was only one monkey that used to roam the jungles and beaches of two countries in South East Asia. There, he was raised as his parents moved back and forth between the two countries. He was exposed to different environments, languages, and cultures as he grew up.

Then, it was two monkeys. So from moving between two countries, it turned into traveling around two continents.

He moved to the United States eight years ago and went to college to get a degree in business and accounting. He became a candidate for several professional bodies in the field.

However, he was more interested in running his own tourism business, as he used to do when he lived in South East Asia.

Now, we monkeys have become three. Among us, we have traveled to many places, partly due to immigration rules. Our third monkey has traveled across continents since he was a baby.

He learned how to swim in the South China Sea when he was five, climbed one of the highest mountains in South East Asia when he was seven, and has attended schools in the US, South America, and Europe.

The three monkeys have covered a vast area of our beautiful and awesome planet. We hope to share our experiences with everyone.

We only have one magnificent planet. Let us explore, enjoy, and preserve it for future generations.