From Perth, I took a Greyhound bus to Darwin for my flight home. The bus stops at several towns along the coast. If you buy a bus pass it is valid for a certain length of time. I bought a 7 day pass that let me stop and ride as long as my pass was still valid. The bus stops at Geraldton and Port Hedland where some passengers get off. I decided to stop at Broome as I heard it was a beautiful place. This time I checked in to a nicer place called Cable Beach Club, right at Cable Beach – a big change from the Hostel scenery. Indeed the beach was awesome and powdery but a little crowded. Cable Beach was divided into two sections – if you go to one end, it is designated as a “clothing optional” area. Both areas are very popular and crowded. Broome is a lively little town with a lot to offer to tourists. It has a great open air market that is bustling with crowds and pretty scenery that is reminiscent of Carmel, California.

My two day – one night stay in Broome was spectacular, I wish I could have stayed longer, but it was time to catch my overnight bus to Darwin for my flight home.