We we’re going to visit another of Second Monkey’s sisters in Branson, Missouri by car when we passed by the Jessie James Farm. I used to read cowboy comic books about the James brothers so when I saw the sign “Jessie James Farm” I thought, Is this the famous Jessie James? Why not check it out? Turned out that it was. We paid the entrance fee and the tour guide start telling us the life of the outlaw Jessie James.

Jessie James Farm, Missouri

Also we came across the “Truman Childhood Home” or the 33rd President who made the decision to drop the atomic bomb in Japan.

Branson, Missouri is a tourist town popular with old folks from around the Midwest. Second Monkey’s brother-in-law worked in the tourist business so we went to his show for free:) I also experienced eating the” biggest steak in Branson.” We had a very positive visit to this little tourist town, though I would have never heard of this place if its not for Second Monkey’s sister who lived here.

Branson, Missouri

Jessie James “Tomb”, Missouri