We planned to hire a car in this picturesque seaside town to go to Potenza via Salermo to visit the town where Second monkey’s ancestors came from but we arrived so late that we had no choice but to spend our day checking out this pretty town – which turned out to be a good idea.

Sorrento is what all the hype says it to be: a refreshing and warm town. Getting off of the train station from Pompei, we started walking to check out the place – hoping that this time we wouldn’t get lost. 🙂 This time however, we saw a tourist counter and grabbed a tour booklet with maps.

Sorrento is breathtaking! Sitting at a restaurant on Marina Grande, I ordered grilled swordfish and Second monkey, tried the seafood salad. It reminds us of our days living in a seaside town where Little monkey enjoyed swimming and watching marine life.

Sorrento’s earlier local inhabitants must not have only been fishermen but also great builder’s, observing how they could build concrete houses separated only by tiny alleys straight up from the sea into the cliffs.