Our base in Italy, Bologna, has the feel and charm of a medieval town. The old architectural red brick with covered walkways design is still visible. The old town used to have a wall, some parts of which are still standing. It is also home to the oldest university in Europe. Bologna has a good airport and train station that link you to all of Europe. It is conveniently located and a good place to see most, if not all, of Italy. Venice, Milan, and Florence are just an hour or two by train.

The twin towers are the most iconic landmarks and the Piazza Maggiore is where people congregate leisurely in the evening. The area also has many small restaurants and gift shops to cater for locals and tourists alike.

Bologna was also our port of entry to Italy though our passport was stamped in Munich, Germany as our port of entry to Europe, based on the Schengen visa (requirements) protocol.

We spent our first day trying to familiarize ourselves with this medieval town, walking all around to get our bearings. We climbed one of the Twin towers and got a good view of the whole town. We spent one day walking to the top of Santa Croce, an old historical church with a monastery on top of a hill.

We become very familiar with the train station, going in and out to visit Venice Florence, and Cinque Terre.


We had a very enjoyable and memorable time in this old medieval town with Little Monkey and Anna. Bologna is what the next closes thing you can experience during those times.

Arrivederci …..