Lost in Venezia’s labyrinth alleys in 6 hours

A visit to Italy is not complete without seeing the beauty of Venice. Arriving at Venice S. Lucia Stazione, we are ready to navigate this romantic and world-famous destination without a map (a mistake). Our first mission is to find San Marco Piazza but just getting out of the station, you can’t help but to start taking pictures of the sights, since the Chiesa di San Simeone Piccolo Dome is right in front. We crossed the bridge at Calle Lunga – stopping to take some pictures of the Grand Canal , of course. Followed the sign that say’s S. Marco but for some reason, we kept on going around and around. We crossed another bridge and thought , ” Are we back from where we started? ” Secondmonkey is a good navigator so I trusted her skills and just kept following her.

Finally, navigating through this tiny alley, we come out onto the Piazza and by the look of those thousand’s of tourists, I knew we had found San Marco. The interesting part is lining up to get into the Basilica in the pouring rain with thousands of others who had the same purpose: to see San Marco , Christ’s deciple, whose body, legend says was transported from Egypt to Venice by followers. After almost two hours and with some divine help – we were able to get in.

Everyone seems to be taking pictures and it was very crowded when I noticed the Treasure’s section was empty, so we decided to get in there after paying 3 Euro each. That was a good idea as you cannot believe how much those treasures could be worth; most are made of gold and silver with precious stones.The other portion of the Treasure’s section had an altar with a simple crypt with no name, so I assume that it must be a relic of San Marco. There are also some centuries  – old bones outside that belonged to some Kings. I’m not certain of their significance.

We had another problem finding our way back to the train station. Even following Grand Canal as our guide, we ended up at a dead end. We kept on meeting “Paolo Sarpi” so we decided to just follow the crowd, which ultimately lead us to the Calle Lunga bridge. We found our way back so decided to go along the canal west to check out more sights.

At Santa Lucia Stazione, on our way back to Bologna we decided to buy a map just to see where we had been – which didn’t really matter anymore, as we had eventually found San Marco on our own.