Our visit to Florence (Firenze) in one hour and forty minutes.

Our visit to Florence (Firenze), Italy in One hour and Forty minutes.

We only had 13 days for this Italian trip and Florence was not on our radar – we wanted to go to Cinque Terre but this Michelangelo’s renaissance city is hard to ignore, so we decided to go for it.

We took the train from Bologna to Florence on our way to La Spezia (for Cinque Terre). From the Firenze S.M.N. train station, we walked across to Basilica di Santa Maria Novella, then to the round about which look like the trendy part of the city. One of our targets was the Basilica Santa Croce (where it is said that Michelangelo is buried). 

Followed via delle Belle Donne, via della Spada, and via de’ Tornabuoni. Crossing the street and we ended up on the Ponte’ Santa Trinita. We continued forward to Pointe Vecchio and from there, hoped to go to Basilica Santa Croce. We had to pause to take pictures on the way. I had planned to taste the famous Florence steak but couldn’t find a steak house so decided to have lunch in a small cafe. In lieu of steak, we got a ground fish sandwich (it was Good Friday, after all) with some salad stuff on it, and a Coke of course.

We looked around for souvenirs, took pictures (I took 1200 pictures and 6 short videos on this trip) then realized that we needed to get back to catch our train to La Spezia for the Cinque Terre. We started walking back hurriedly (wending our way through crowds of sightseers, shoppers carrying Gucci, Prada, Armani, and Versace purchase, and church goers) as we needed to change train in S. Steffano to get to La Spezia (which we actually missed and ended up in Pontremoli at 10:00pm).

In the end, we missed Basilica Santa Croce, the Uffizi,and Galleria del’ Academia, etc. but our one hour forty minutes in Florence, Italy was worth it. Florence is not only beautiful and charming city but something to look forward to return to in the future.